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A+X #2 - “Iron Man + Kitty Pryde”

written by Peter David
art by Mike Del Mundo

Kitty Pryde’s weird background faces: Part Six

Screencaps taken from X-Men v4, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men and All-New X-Men.


can i please go through the kitty pryde tag without seeing some minor white girl rapper sucking dick like is that too much to ask

~nervously hides the Kitty Pryde songs I have in my iTunes~ :/ 

Xavin once got into a heated argument in a comic book store on whether Superman’s real name was Kal-El or Clark Kent, that they solved by yelling “Hey, Dorreck!” at the Young Avengers from outside the store then looked smug when they got a shouted “MY NAME IS *TEDDY*!” from Hulkling in reply


Favorite Female Characters {3/5}
     ↳ America Chavez / Miss America

"I’m your ticket to the multiverse, princess.”


all i’ve been drawing is america chavez but i’m not going to apologize for it 

Light up
Late bday gif for chiapslock's Chibi Hunt '14

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Marvel Swimsuit Special: Quicksilver, Crystal, & Luna
by Kerry Gammill, Mike Kraiger, John Stracuzzi


Emma Frost by William C. Jones


Ah had a name before you started callin’ me Rogue

-Uncanny X-Men #359 

Secret Avengers #16


"You ready, sport?"

for bobbimorsebarton


Casual reminder that the first time Clint and Bobbi met she whooped his ass and was snarky and awesome (from Hawkeye #1, 1983).


Phoenix Five: White Queen by Sara Pichelli